We constantly review the market to ensure that we are offering the best assurance and insurance product that are available to us, in order to help you to protect your business.


With over 30 years in the industry the experience and expertise that we have built up will ensure that you are in safe hands.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our advice and the high level of excellence in service that we offer to our clients.

Value Added Customer Service Program with Rewards:


In addition to our Innovation, Expertise and Excellence, we also provide a Value Added Customer Service Program to all customers.

The Value added Customer Services Program allow our customers to be treated how they want to be treated and rewarded how they want to be rewarded.

Our Customers get added to our CRM, Email database and Social Media etc. but then get asked how often they want to be kept in touch with and by what methods etc.

We can provide regular or infrequent Face to Face Meetings, Telephone Calls, Emails and Social Media updates in addition to tailored rewards such as Perks, Offers, Discounts, Vouchers, Cash Back, Experiences etc.

In addition we have a referral scheme that can get you even more rewards if you choose to recommend us to family or friends who also decide to join us.


So rather than asking the question: Why us for your Business Protection Advice?

Why not ask the question: Why not us?


To join The Business Protection Company today, or for some more business protection advice, please book a Free Consultation…