According to the recent Legal & General State of the Nation Report (5th edition), Financial Advisers play an important role in prompting businesses to consider the benefits of business protection and the risk of not having cover.

For example, of those businesses who had Key Person Protection in place, the top three types of professionals who brought up its value are: Financial Advisers, Accountants and Solicitors.

90% off business people surveyed said that they would expect to hear about these products from a professional financial adviser and below is currently how people are contact by advisors in order to arrange a meeting to get some financial advice.


Are you one of the 90% looking for some Business Protection or Financial Advice for you and your fellow directors and/or business owners and if so how would you like us to get in touch to offer this financial advice?

Please can you call or email us and let us know how you would like us to proceed and what information you are happy for us to have from you in order to offer some financial advice, or please complete our contact form and let us know via the message tab, and we will be in touch to offer some advice as soon as possible.

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