Key Person Cover / Key Man Insurance

What is Key Person Cover?

Key Person Cover, or Key Man Insurance is a business assurance product that allows a business to insure itself against the financial loss it would suffer if a key person in their business died or had a critical illness. 

Key Person Cover or Key Man Insurance is a Key Product for Businesses and Company Directors who are looking to protect their businesses from unknown but potentially very costly risks in their business.


Who should you look to Protect?

Cover Partners or Directors

Key Person Cover can help you to protect the business against the loss of a Partner or a Key Director from within the business.

Cover Top Sales People

Key Person Cover can help you to protect the business against the loss of a top performing Sales Person that the business could be reliant on.

"Reduce the financial impact on your business if you lose an employee to serious illness, disability or death"

Want to Know more about Key Person Cover?

Please watch the short Video explaining Key Person Cover available via this Link.

If you are interested in Key Person Cover or Key Man Insurance to protect your business from Key Sales People or Key Directors dying or becoming critically ill and potentially risking the longevity of your business please get in touch.

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